average periods in life
days average spent menstruating
hours spent on local shopping per year
minute spent to build your box

How it works

1. Build your box

Sign up & choose what
goes into Your Box*

*No pun intended!

2. Time your delivery

Set up your subscription and we’ll make sure it’s ready on time

before Aunt Flo comes knocking!

3. Lie back & enjoy!

Wrap up in a blankie, make yourself
a nice cup of tea and relax

– exclusive discount included! -

Tampon and Pads Subscriptions

- what’s in it for you?

We can’t make your cramps disappear but we will take at least some pain out of your period.

We will deliver to your door a tailored box with tampons or pads with a selection of our gourmet organic chocolates, teas and face-masks … we’ll even throw in a small gift too!

Forget about running out of “the goods”! no more late night tampon and pad shopping runs

(yes, the “other-halfs”: the late night missions are finally over!)

– exclusive discount included! -